Sarena Rae is an American singer, musician, songwriter, executive producer, and occasional actress/model. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sarena, was just 15 years old when she composed the first song she recorded. In early 2013, at the age of 16, Sarena released her first single “You’re Beautiful”. The music video for “You’re Beautiful” was released to YouTube shortly after, going viral, now having over 197,000 views. “You’re Beautiful” has had internet and radio play internationally as well as locally, and Sarena receives messages from fans globally about how the song has touched their lives.

Sarena, is currently a senior in college, with a major in commercial music with a focus in vocal performance. She will be moving to Nashville January 2018, to continue her studies in music at the Contemporary Music Center. When Sarena’s not studying or mentoring inner city youth, she’s in the recording studio, speaking, or performing. She has been involved reaching out to the communities of the Greater Grand Rapids area, as well as throughout the state of Michigan and other states with the Anti-Bullying movement. Her inspiring music and encouraging words have helped heal victims of bullying both young and old, and have helped heighten the confidence of young boys and girls around the world. Sarena has a compassionate heart for people, and has put on benefit concerts raising money for students and adults with medical needs.

Currently, She has the honor of co-hosting on the Ignite Radio show every Sunday on Townsquare Media’s WNWZ GR’s Magic 104.9 FM, and will be announcing the release of her newest single “Can’t Get Enough” Fall of 2017. Fans can get an intimate sneak peak of Sarena’s newest single, by attending Circle Theatre’s concert series “Uptown Funk”, on August 21st, 2017 in Grand Rapids Michigan. 

Sarena Rae is a driven young lady with a God given call on her life, she understands the power of music and wants to inspire the world with her positive lyrics and story. There is no doubt, that Sarena is America’s rising star.

Music to me is a way of life, an escapism, and a therapy for the human soul. Music is one of the most powerful tools on this earth, it can alter people’s feelings and emotions, and best of all inspire. With encouraging, uplifting, and impacting the human race in a positive way as the main focus of my life… music is my avenue, helper, and soul mate. I will use music to inspire, to build up, and to lift spirits higher.

Music to me has always been a way to cope with things in my life, to help me take my mind off of the bad, and or feel as if my situation is related to someone else’s. I want to inspire people to dream and when they hear my music I want them to feel a little greater than they did before.” -Sarena Rae